Root Canal Treatment of Immature Permanent Teeth

Apexogenesis: When an immature permanent tooth has a cavity or injury involving the pulp of the tooth, a medicated dressing is placed to allow the pulp to continue root formation. This will allow the pulp tissue within the tooth to complete formation of the root end (apex) and strengthening the walls of the roots. Periodic follow up is done to assess the health of the treated tooth and monitor root formation.
Apexification: In cases where apexogenesis is not successful or not possible, a hard barrier can be formed at the apex. This is done by placing a medicated dressing within the roots of the tooth and monitoring root formation. This procedure will not allow additional root formation so these teeth may be weaker, making appropriate restoration of the tooth even more important.
Regenerative Endodontics: For immature permanent teeth that are infected, regenerative endodontics allows for both the resolution of the infection and tooth/ root formation. The immature root is treated with solutions and dressings that facilitate the body’s response in healing the infection and growth of the root. This procedure will require 2-3 treatment appointments.